How to Play Word Mine - Voice Originals

How to Play

Looks like we’re all set, let’s go!

As you enter the mine.

You are presented with a set of 3 letters, and asked to make a word that uses all 3 letters..

The clock is ticking though, you have 90 seconds to crack the anagram..

Get the word correct and you can head further into the mine. The deeper you go the harder the anagrams get..

Keep going until you are unable to make a new word..

Run out of time and you trigger a collapse and have to leave the mine..

You get to keep all the words you found that day..

After leaving the mine, you will meet a shopkeeper..

He needs the words you mine to help people in the world - people who have forgotten a word at a crucial moment!.

The shopkeeper will offer you a payment of coins in exchange for the words you have taken from the mine..

These coins can buy equipment that will help you mine deeper & longer when you return..

Return tomorrow for a new word puzzle every day..

Good Luck and dig deep!