Voice Originals | Word Mine - A new anagram game for Alexa

Word Mine

Crack the anagram by digging deep into the Word Mine.

Start playing right now by saying, “Alexa, open Word Mine.”

Your handy canary will help you discover the letters needed to master the mines.


You are an explorer on a mission to piece together the forgotten words of the world. Your canary assistant guides and helps you navigate the mines, she looks out for your safety and helps you read the letters, but it’s up to you to solve the anagram in time before the mine collapses in on you.

Go through the levels of the mine, uncovering letters to make words. See if you can use your lexical prowess to get to the bottom of the mine, and collect coins for the words you create. Trade these coins in for items from the shopkeeper, to use on further expeditions in the future…

Good Luck and dig deep!