"Alexa, let's play When in Rome"
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When In Rome Alexa, let's play When in Rome

When In Rome, the world’s first voice-augmented board game for Amazon Alexa by Voice Originals. A travel trivia game filled with the voices of real people from around the world. Alexa is your game host and pilot, transporting you to different cities across the world map game board.

With 20 cities to visit and a friendly local asking questions about their city from categories including slang and language, food and drink and random and strange, your Amazon Alexa device steers you through the game as you and your team mates compete to make new friends, earn upgrade cards and collect souvenirs in each new city you land in.
The combination of beautiful components, real locals, emergent game play and Alexa playing host makes Voice Originals When In Rome an unforgettable board game experience.

Requires free When In Rome skill for Amazon Alexa to play and the physical When in Rome board game.

When In Rome Try the question of the day

With the free When in Rome skill, meet a new local each week, answer questions and discover their city without ever leaving home. Enabling the free When in Rome skill on your Amazon Alexa is easy, just say ‘Alexa, open When in Rome’ and Alexa will guide you through the experience.

When in Rome What's in the box

When In Rome is played with the free When In Rome skill for Amazon Alexa which is enabled through the Alexa store

The board game includes:

  • 1 game board
  • 2 player tokens
  • 18 friend tokens
  • 14 upgrade cards
  • 5 souvenirs

“Alexa is a voice platform, and the team felt there could be no better use for it than to bring the voices of real people from around the world into players’ homes

The act of playing through listening invokes our imagination and empathy, making for a very special experience.”

Alex Fleetwood, CEO of Sensible Object.