When In Rome

The family trivia game where Amazon Alexa flies you around the world!

About the game

Travel the globe with When in Rome—the globetrotting family trivia game where real people ask the questions! With your smart speaker as your guide, meet the locals and make new friends… without ever leaving home.

What’s in the box?

2 Player Tokens – 5 Souvenirs – 30 Friend Tokens – 14 Upgrade Cards – 1 Game Board

Design not final

How do you play?

Set up the board, fire up the When In Rome Alexa Skill and you’re ready to go. Alexa becomes your personal guide; teaching the rules, managing your progress, and assisting you in times of trouble! Meet 20 real locals from cities across the world – from Mumbai to San Francisco – and answer their questions correctly to earn Explorer Points. To get ahead, you collect Souvenirs from cities you’ve visited and use Upgrade cards to give your team an advantage!

Get a free daily question!

The When in Rome skill includes a free daily question from a local that you can answer even if you don’t have the physical game. Every day you’ll be transported somewhere new, learn about life in their city, and get your daily trivia fix!

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